Hi, I need help with essay on In A Constant State of Painful Ambivalence. Paper

Hi, I need help with essay on In A Constant State of Painful Ambivalence. Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
This essay discusses that Amis leads readers to take upon themselves the role of the perpetrator in the story, to experience his thrills and motivations by placing the beginning the narrative at a point familiar to them. Tension is built when the narrator of the story walks the readers through the events in the book, with the readers having a full understanding and anticipation of the events. Racism and hierarchy of prejudice and the repression and depersonalisation that characterize his relationships are discovered by the reader and are analyzed with the backdrop of modernity if it is to be a critical topic for discussion.
Waters and Amis are two great storytellers gifted with an ability to vividly deliver the lives of the characters of their stories to be vicariously experienced by the readers while casting a spell on them to be kept in awe of the events that unfold. The creative use of their storylines effectively leaves traces of the readers’ sociological awareness and understanding that surrounded the realities of the characters. The readers are transformed to be staunch supporters of the protagonists as they have become heavily influenced or “brainwashed” into taking their side as the protagonist’s fight.
In the ultimate analysis, Amis and Waters respect their readers enough to know that they are critical thinkers who are aware of the characters’ frailties and imperfections, however, these protagonists’ zest to survive the sociological challenges is the driving force that makes readers cheer them on to success.

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