Hi, I need help with essay on HRM and Sustainability. Paper must be at least 150

Hi, I need help with essay on HRM and Sustainability. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
The research report explores the main aspects of HRM to drive future sustainability among organizations. The relationship between HRM and sustainability is extremely complex. Traditionally, HR contributes to organizations’ performance, by having HR policies aligned with the strategic goals of the organization, legal compliance, better customer satisfaction, and effective service delivery. Sustainability requires that HRM moves beyond the boundaries of traditional HR policies, toward leadership development, talent management, and knowledge management. The term sustainability is widely used in almost all sciences (Ehnert 2009). The notion of sustainability has already become a synonym of profitability and long-term development in organizations (Ehnert 2009). Apart from the fact that different organizations define the concept of sustainability in entirely different ways, the link between HRM and sustainability remains poorly understood. The body of research on Human Resource Management and its relation to sustainability is very scarce (Wehling et al. 2009). As such it is high time to re-evaluate the topic of the HRM-sustainability relationship in more detail. The purpose of this research report is to explore the links between HRM and sustainability and propose recommendations to let organizations achieve sustainability through HRM. The significance of sustainability initiatives in organizations cannot be overstated. Researchers are becoming more interested in the relationship between sustainability and HRM.

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