Hi, I need help with essay on Global Perspectives in Emergency Management. Paper

Hi, I need help with essay on Global Perspectives in Emergency Management. Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
The environment is directly linked to disaster. This is because the changes in the environment predispose to the occurrence of a disaster. Deterioration of the environment reduces its capability to deal with the impact of a disaster and thus increase the community’s vulnerability. Environment management seeks to reduce a community’s vulnerability and the occurrence of environment related disasters. It involves the strategic conservation of the ecosystem. Environment management involves the coming up of strategies that facilitate sustainable development and use, conservation and fair sharing of the returns accruing from the use of the resource (International Strategy for Disaster Management [ISDR], 2004).
Environmental management involves the use of various tools. These include environmental laws and policies, impact assessment, ecological economics and implementation of standards and codes. These tools are effectively applied in the wetlands where disasters include storms, floods, pollution, tides and hurricanes. The tools applicable include control of soil erosion, storage of water, flood mitigation and shore stabilization (ISDR, 2004).
A country tremendously benefits from the adoption of environmental management tools as a form of risk reduction. This is because environmental management uses the risk management approach to develop the tools. This means that a country identifies and assesses a risk as early as possible then comes up with a project or plan to address the risk. An example is the China National Wetlands Conservation Action Plan which consists of laws aimed at preserving the wetlands.

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