Hi, I need help with essay on Analysis On The Triggers Of American Revolutionary

Hi, I need help with essay on Analysis On The Triggers Of American Revolutionary War. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
&nbsp.Before war erupted, there was growing discontent among the Englishmen living in the thirteen colonies because of increased taxation and lack of representation in the British government. &nbsp.By 1765 a group called Sons of Liberty were formed who no longer wanted America to be ruled by the British Empire. However, obsessed with control then king of England— George III sent soldiers to Boston to intimidate the people because he did not want to lose control over the American colonies. the incident would later be called Boston Massacre. &nbsp.This was not taken well by the people and the collective sentiment led to a call for liberation. &nbsp.Colonists across the Americas made the plight of Boston and Massachusetts as their own. &nbsp.They express sympathy and concern for the suffering of their brethren in the common cause of liberty. In a way, the actions of the Empire against the people of Boston even reinforced the sentiments of the American colonists as it strengthened and forged a sense of camaraderie among them. People from neighboring community would travel to Boston to bring aid like fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish to extend their support and show that whatever they are experiencing in Boston, the other colonies understand as well and are supporting them.&nbsp.American colonists on the eve of the Revolution have forged a new identity that had now set them apart from Britons elsewhere—they no longer see themselves as Britons, Englishmen, or American colonists.

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