Hi, I need help with essay on A Computer Distributed Banking System. Paper must

Hi, I need help with essay on A Computer Distributed Banking System. Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
In this term paper the researcher presents the architecture of the core banking system of T-Bank. The main operations of bank are deposits and loans (mortgage, consumer loans). In the paragraphs that follow, firstly, the researcher provides an overview of the bank infrastructure and network. The bank’s network consists of a number of 100mbps Ethernet LANs (Spurgeon), (one for each bank branch or division) interconnected by a 2Mbps frame relay broadband network. Secondly, the researcher also presents the general requirements of the system in terms of functionality, efficiency, reliability and consistency that are needed. The researcher also provides the description of the distributed system architecture currently being used. Then, the researcher focuses on the description of the architecture and main features of the system used in T-Bank, in relation to the requirements presented in the term paper. Finally, the main functional and technical problems with the current distributed system architecture are presented as well, together with the suggestions of the researcher on the topics of improving some of the issues described. Problems and suggested solutions were also mentioned in the term paper, such as issues concerning the applications front end and performance issues as well as proposed solution, that states that improvements in the batch programs codes especially in the database queries can improve performance. In addition, more processing power of the mainframe can improve the speed of the processor.

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