Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Acuscan Critical Thinking C

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Acuscan Critical Thinking Case Study. It needs to be at least 2750 words.
Using the Wilson Marketing data as the basis for the product development and its features, Pat and Cliff insisted that the product had to be delivered. ➢Using the company profit reports, Pat and Cliff insisted that the prevailed opportunity for the company to launch a new product was the only chance. ➢Pat and Cliff use the profit reports to focus on potential new product development rewards even when the budget for the new product demanded an additional 15% cut across the board. ➢ Kelly’s external redesign had merits to the company and the customers since it offered them a less obtrusive design. Data suggested that such a move would satisfy the unmet customer needs. AcuScan 11 could be made by improving only one feature of the existing product thus mirroring Pat’s argument about the iScanner 1.1 (UOP, 2003). However, the AcuScan 1.1 could have been improved and build upon the existing reputation and quality recognition. Question 7 ➢ Competitors have entered the marketplace (Paul & Elder, 2006)➢Dissimilar expectations about profits, brand, quality and competition coexist within numerous departments. ➢ Kelly’s department now earns the most money for the company because of its role in service. ➢ Kelly’s department would be responsible for the new product development. ➢Pat, Cliff and Chris needed to consider that Kelly’s department had suffered budget cuts and staff reductions.Question 8&nbsp.Despite the numerous challenges that the company was going through, there was still a room for improvement.&nbsp.

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