Geology In Iceland

 Type a Research Overview using MS Word. You will conduct research and write an essay. You can use Websites to find useful websites for reference search and paper writing. Conduct search and select appropriate sources/references for your topic. Develop a Research Overview. Research Overview Requirements. Include title, your name, course number, course name, and the name of the course instructor. Overview: Key questions introduced, Subtopics delineated and briefly described, Specific Theses statement(s) stated. List of 4 or more research references typed in MLA format. Information should be extracted from reputable sources. Avoid newspaper articles, Wikipedia, websites with general information. The following types of sources are recommended: academic books, ‘.org’ and/or ‘.gov’ websites, and peer reviewed articles. Key questions include: What is the Geology of Iceland? What are the geological features of Iceland? Where is Iceland? How old is Iceland? How was Iceland formed? What contributed Iceland to form? What type of rock is Iceland made of? What were the effects of volcanoes in Iceland? Why is there so many earthquakes in Iceland? Whys is there so many glaciers in Iceland?

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