Financing Sport

Complete the following assignment using proper APA format regarding a title page, reference page, proper citations, etc. Assume as the new Assistant General Manager of the Eugene Emeralds minor league baseball team, you have been asked to represent the team’s interests in negotiating a naming rights agreement for a new ballpark the team is planning to build on the current site of Civic Stadium (existing home of the Ems). Lithia Motor Company, a large multi-state auto dealer, has expressed interest in purchasing the naming rights to the new venue. They have asked for a meeting to discuss the potential for entering into a naming rights deal with the Ems. Using the material in Chapter 11 and the assigned article and video: (a) Explain how you would “sell” the naming rights partnership to Lithia. Specifically, identify three (3) key benefits you would extend to Lithia in a naming rights agreement. (b) In addition, identify three (3) key provisions or elements you would require in the naming rights agreement with Lithia. (What would you give and what would you like most to get in such an agreement?) Please make sure the conclusion ties the paper all together and is strong. Also please make sure each question is answered correctly. Make sure one of the sources is from the book, video, and article. Video: Article: file:///C:/Users/user/Documents/Troy%20Teaching/Las%20Vegas%20Ballpark_%20Desert%20Dandy.pdf Book: Financing Sport by Howard and Crompton 3rd edition. Chapter 11 ISBN: 9781935412427

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