EXAMPLE https//felipegombossy.wixsite.com/gbcblog/post/fo…Identify your chosen animal, cut and reasons for this selection.

I need help with a Blog Post question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn. the final 250 words will be uploaded on my blog its part of the assignment, if you have any questions let me know and this is student EXAMPLE https://felipegombossy.wixsite.com/gbcblog/post/fo…Identify your chosen animal, cut, and reasons for this selection.
Provide a brief 250-word background on the animal, including a detailed description of the cut and which part/area of the animal it is from.
Include the price of the purchased cut and consider the best possible way to utilize this cut for optimum return on your investment.
Discuss cooking methods that can be applied to this cut and the reasons why these methods are suitable.
Illustrate your selected cooking method with a recipe. Make sure this recipe includes a detailed methodology, using accurate culinary terminology.
The purchase of this meat is not required. However, detailed visual instruction and documentation is

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