Ethical-related learning opportunity

Integrating your experiences with our course required resources and any additional references you may want to add, write an “ethical autobiography” in which you reflect on your past and present ethical decision-making experiences,

Incorporate your reflections on the following questions into your narrative:

Who are the individuals that have had a significant impact on you and how you view what is and is not ethical? (They can be people in your personal & professional life, as well as individuals who have impacted you but whom you have never met.) How have they specifically informed you as an ethical leader?
If you were to construct a timeline of your major “ethical-informing” experiences across your lifetime, what would they be and how have they impacted you as an ethical leader? These can be both experiences in personal and professional areas of your life.
If you were to summarize the personal values that guide your ethical decision-making, what would they be?
When you think about the various stakeholders in your life (personal and professional), who are the stakeholders that your current decision-making impacts on a daily basis?
What strengths do you possess as an ethical decision-maker and what do you see as your biggest ethical-related learning opportunity?
For this paper you can use my profes

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