Essay about Wes Craven and explain why he is an auteur.

Write an essay about Wes Craven and explain why he is an auteur. Make sure the essay has a hook and thesis and transition words and sentences. Answer some of the following questions: Who is the filmmaker? What is the common thread found in their films? What does this filmmaker have to say about the world? Does this filmmaker have a distinct point of view? What makes this filmmaker an auteur? What are the similarities and differences in their films? You should always be asking yourself what are the common themes or aesthetics that this filmmaker deals with and how they saw or used in his or her films? Please clearly state the thesis and then preview your points. Make sure the subject of the paper reflects the thesis. The points brought up in the introduction should be in more detail in the body paragraph. Please DO NOT just give a description of what the film is about or give a plot description. This is an analytical essay. Three sources are required and must be cited within the body of the paper and on a work cited page. Please use Italics for movie and book titles. Do Not use I, You, We, Me, etc. Do not use contractions Always write in the present tense.

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