effects of digital technology on mental health•

effects of digital technology on mental health
• Introduce the topic/summary.
• Discuss your topic selection.
o Explain its background and your rationale for choosing it.
o Describe your personal interest in it.
o Explore its relevance to professional life and of such a research project.
• Provide the purpose of the paper (explain, analyze, or argue). This is where you will analyze and interpret the arguments you have found in the literature and evaluate the significant theories and concepts related to your topic. This is the culmination of your research and requires you to show what you have learned and how your own informed critical analysis sheds light on the topic you have been studying.
o Identify intended audience (general or specialized).
o Indicate your voice as the writer (informer or advocate).
• Identify key points or main question to be answered
• Provide a conclusion
• Provide annotated references

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