Designing a solution for Shine Dental Clinic (Network Solution)Tom & Steph has recently opened a new clinic Shine Dental in Sydney, Australia. They are committed toprovide quality dental services to people of all age group.

Designing a solution for Shine Dental Clinic (Network Solution)
Tom & Steph has recently opened a new clinic “Shine Dental” in Sydney, Australia. They are committed to
provide quality dental services to people of all age group.
They have four (4) full-time surgeons using surgery rooms, (4) assistants, who will be working with the surgeons
while they are performing surgery and, (3) receptionists/admin staff, who will be performing daily management
of paperwork, admin, client consulting and also handle front desk.
The area for the new office is 250 sqm approximately. For detail dimensions and floor-plan refer to Figure 1
The clinic requires 8 workstations, 1 server and a printer and needed to be installed at the following locations:
? One reception desk with space for to place 2 computers (Workstation 5 & 6),
? One small consulting room (Workstation 7)
? One server room with an extra space to place an additional computer (Server, Workstation 8)
? Four surgery rooms (Workstation 1 – 4)
The entire floor divided with each other by drywall sheets. Office is fully furnished. (except computers,
networking devices and cabling)
The owner of “Shine Dental” has purchased eight (8) desktop computers of the same type. Table 1 shows
the sample specification.
In addition to the computers, he has also want to purchase one LaserJet multifunction printer for
print/copy/scan/fax. The printer should have USB 2.0, Gigabit LAN, Wi-Fi(n) and other prominent printing and
scanning features.
All computers/server has got a dedicated screen, in addition to that, there are 4 additional overhead screens
attached in the 4 surgery rooms, for patients to view local TV channels while dental surgery is being performed
on the patients. Those 4 screens are also to be attached to the main computers in the surgery room, so that
when surgeons need to display x-rays to show their patents laying on the bed, patents don’t need to get off the
bed to see what the x-rays would look like. Doctors should be able to display x-rays on the overhead screen for
patients, but simply changing the input on TV, your job is to connect the overhead screen/TV to the computer
as extended display or mirror, and also to the Antenna
You are also required to set up backup for all the computers/server, all the backups should run each night and
should get stored at one physical location within the premises, and a copy of the local backup has to be stored
on to the cloud utilizing one of the cloud services. As a consultant you can choose any cloud service of your
choice, but must provide justification for your recommendation.
Assume that you have been hired as a network technician to help in the design and deployment of this network.
Perform the following tasks to support this.
Task 1
To interconnect the desktop computers and connect the overhead screens/TV with the computers and TV
antenna, you have decided to use a wired network. What is the main transmission media, connectors, adaptors
you would use for this? For your recommendation of media, justify your answer by addressing the following
? Speed
? Length
? Ease of installation
? Compatibility with intermediary devices
Your answer must also include transmission media, connectors, adaptors and other necessary devices to help
you implement this successfully
*Tip: You may answer in a form of table to include images, specifications, connections and explanation etc. to
help you cover all points above
Task 2
Waiting customers, should be able to access “Shine Dental” WiFi network for internet usage.
What measures would you take, to make sure that customers using “Shine Dental” internet do not cause
interruption to the clinic’s network
Explain your answer with example, specification, diagram or IP addressing scheme
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Task 3
What are the devices you will need to extend your wired network to also support wireless devices with maximum
Justify your answer
Task 4
In addition to the Workstations and server, the multifunctional printer needs to be connected to the network.
Would you connect it via a wired media or the wireless media?
Justify your answer. Recommend a make and model of the multifunctional printer as per the customer
Task 5
Complete Table 5 to assign suitable static IP version 4 addresses to the devices on the network. You have
decided to go with the class C private IP address range (except where it is clearly indicated

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