Debunking the ‘Elderly Mystique’ in News Media


Ageism involves both negative attitudes and behaviour toward groups of people based on chronological age (Funk, 2016). Attitudes and beliefs about older persons are reinforced by stereotypes which are commonly reflected in the media. For example, images of the elderly and aging often depict older persons as forgetful, resistant to change, bad drivers, and unhappy. Negative attitudes toward older persons can be detrimental as they can lead to negative behaviour or discrimination. In this assessment you will apply academic research to debunk how older persons are often falsely portrayed in the media.

Learning Objectives:
Identify ageism in news media.
Describe how older persons are portrayed in the news in relation to stereotypes.
Analyze the news media portrayal with academic peer reviewed research.
Apply a theoretical perspective to explain why ageism persists in Canadian society.

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