Culture and Ethical Decision-making/Behavior.

Cultures are driven largely by unconscious assumptions, values, and beliefs. We see the collective behaviors of leaders and employees that reflect the culture and reinforce it. In order to change it, leaders must become honest and introspective; they must become aware of assumptions, values, and the implications for stakeholders. Assessments and interventions with external consultants are usually necessary. For this forum: 1. Identify assumptions, values, and practices (ongoing leader behaviors) that lead to unethical behaviors in need of change in your company (or former employer). Discuss each of these cultural drivers and the impact on employees’ attitudes, behaviors, intentions. 2. Suppose you woke up one day and the workplace had magically changed to a place you loved to work. The moral purpose was something you believed in, ignited your passion, and caused you to love the leaders and company. Describe the changes in behaviors – what would you see leaders doing and not doing? What are the new values and assumptions driving these behaviors? What are the underlying morals/principles that have changed?

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