Critical Analysis of Lesson activities

Critical analysis of Lesson plans
Produce 1500 words critical analysis of the impact of lesson activities on these following points
• Point 1 :How does a teacher choose lesson activities based on learning objectives? Do they need to be aligned ?
why , why not?( 300 words)
• Point 2: Background & context of class/course.
How does background and context of class have an impact of the lesson activities chosen? (300 words)
• Point 3: Students’ needs, academic culture.
How do student’s needs have an impact of the lesson activities chosen?(300 words)
• Point 4:Variety of activities/
How does variety of activities have an impact of learner’s engagement?
• Point 5 :engagement of learners/appropriacy of activity to meet LOs.( 300 words)
How do engagement of learner link with the appropriacy of activities to meet the learning objectives?
Also as a note each point should be 300 words.

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