Create a thesis and an outline on History of Family Readings.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on History of Family Readings. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The&nbsp.marriage age&nbsp.especially for contemporary women has risen as opposed to the previous years. This is because the family relations are changing, youths have managed to get a life outside marriage, divorce levels are high and child-rearing has been alienated from marriage completely (Coontz, 2000).

Parents and children’s relationships have changed as parents have less time with their children. This time has been consumed by the working hours. thus, less time with the children. These parents have been documented not to have time for their children’s schoolwork (Coontz, 2000). Mothers, as Coontz (2000) argues, have been seen to specialize both in productive and reproductive labor.

Women have become more economically empowered to an extent that they can survive without marriage. Coontz (2000) says that women’s wages have risen to 95% as that of men explaining their ability to compete equally with the men. Discrimination in the workplace has also reduced, and the rights of women embraced.

This article brings to mind the fact that patriarchy still exists in society. Through patriarchy, the males are able to dominate the woman figure in some way both in the private and the public sphere. However, the same is not very prevalent in the contemporary public sphere due to the gender policies put in place to fight for women’s rights. However, the woman in the private sphere is still constrained by childbearing and rearing that incapacitates them to some point.

The “traditional” family is one that saw the existence of the male and female spheres, and where each gender was conversant with their roles (Coontz, 1995). In this family, the male was the dominant breadwinner, while the woman assumed the role of the homemaker.&nbsp.


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