Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses is russia still committed to glasnost.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses is russia still committed to glasnost. Medvedev is doing everything possible for protecting the basic rights of the people of Russia. In his opinion, policies without the backing of the people may not last long. In other words, he has more respect towards the people than his predecessors which is a good sign for the democratization of Russia. He has realized the necessity of glasnost for the progress of Russia. Even in communist China, the call for democracy is strengthening day by day. Under such circumstances, it is suicidal for Russia to embrace communism again.

A change of political regime almost always precipitates an alteration in at least some important elements of a country’s foreign policy. This is so because new values mean a new ideology–new ideas about how the nation should live and what it should strive for. In turn, ideology defines priorities and priorities shape policies

Earlier Soviet Union opposed American policies blindly because of the cold war. But now Russia is cautious while expressing their opinions about the foreign policies of the west. In fact, Russia supported America’s war against Iraq. Moreover, Russia recently banned the sales of missiles to Iran because of America’s protest. Earlier this kind of actions from Russia was impossible to digest. But Russia has realized that they need the support of the West for their economic progress in an extremely globalized world economy. As a result much higher levels of trust and cooperation that exists today between Russia and the West.

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