Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses The Summary of African Queen Applying

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses The Summary of African Queen Applying Thomas Fosters Terms.
Charlie’s coarse behavior is intolerable, though the Sayers tolerate it in a rather stiff manner. Charlies’ behavior is considered to be a little too rough and that edges around their proper Christian and British sensibilities. My Allnut’s heavy drinking habit is regard as problematic by the Sayers (Huston and John, p. 234).
Charlie warns them about the oncoming World War I which broke out between Britain and Germany. The Sayers opt to continue staying in East Africa, only to witness the Sudanese Soldiers (In East Africa) led by the Germans touch their mission village and flee the villagers. The Germans believes that this is the only way to control the natives and train them to offer military services. Due to the raiding on the village and burning of the village houses, Reverend Sayer experienced a serious shock and delirious with fever after watching what the Germans did and later passed away. Mr. Allnut returns shortly after the raid. He is informed that the Reverend has passed on and they then bury him. Mr. Allnut soon helps Sister Sayer escape from the ravaged Germans by boarding the African Queen. The ravaged missionary compound is left bare, and no person is left in the compound. Along the way, Mr. Allnut mentions to Sister Sayer how the German have a gunboat (Queen Luise) which monitors and control a large water body downriver where they effectively block themselves from any British attack.

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