Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Practical Application Of Ethics. In t

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Practical Application Of Ethics.
In the utilitarian view, this may be beneficial for human in providing freedom. However, human freedom is not the substantial qualification for cloning as a practicing right because it prohibits human rights in production which are not restricted but has many options rather than it.Morality refers to codes of conduct put together and accepted by the society. These codes of conducts give conditions that would be adhered to by all rational persons. The concept of morality refers to the adherence to already existing codes of conduct in the society and applies to all human beings in the universe. Morality is inherent in the manner that it is a personal idea. It is a man-made concept that is defined by the society in which we live. It is also what a person regards as wrong or right. What a person decides as morally right or wrong is determined by person idea and principles. For example. Vegans hold a moral view that exploiting sentient animals for any purpose either food, clothing, entertainment or scientific is immoral and archaic. Ethics is objective components of morals. Morality encompasses both moral and ethical concepts. If morality consisted exclusively of social system principles that are imposed then there would be no space for personal interpretation. this makes it ethical hence objective. Ethics and morality entail the principle of justice and sustainability which states that equals should be treated equally unless there is sufficient reason for unequal treatment to anyone.

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