Create a 13 page essay paper that discusses Nutritional Evaluation of a Young At

Create a 13 page essay paper that discusses Nutritional Evaluation of a Young Athlete.
This report approves that the basic principles of energy transduction dictate that the flow of energy into the body must balance energy flow out of the body plus or minus energy storage. The human species is adapted to survive in the face of intermittent food availability. therefore, the efficient storage of food energy in periods of abundance is a metabolic priority.
This essay makes a conclusion that the basic concept in athletic nutrition is balance between energy expenditure and nutritional intake. From the above principles, it is clear that endurance athletes need protein, carbohydrates, and fluid in greater amounts. It also enumerates that the nutritional needs of the athletes must be sport-specific and individualized. While the concept of achieving energy balance is simple apparently from the thermodynamic perspective, the tools for measuring this entity are no ideal. This is specifically applicable to the estimation of energy intake that unless observed and quantified is usually left to the subjective recall of the athletes who are entrusted to remember, accurately estimate, and document their food intake using some record of diet. The relationships between diet, athletic activity, and weight are closely linked. Ordinary factors, such as, training, acclimatization, mismatch between exercise fluid loss and fluid intake, intentional dehydration for weight control can each uniquely affect body water content. Body composition assessment by anthropometric measurements and analysis of diet by software can thus be practically applicable in being able to assess the appropriate nutrition for an athlete.

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