Create a 11 page essay paper that discusses Chocolate: Discovering if the Knowle

Create a 11 page essay paper that discusses Chocolate: Discovering if the Knowledge of Child Slave Labor Practices on the Farms of West Africa would Change Consumption in the U.K.
The nature of this study is to find out if having an understanding of the real life horrors of the cocoa farms would have an affect on the buying public in the U.K. Using a questionnaire and by determining statistical relevancies, this study will attempt to show that knowing about these horrors would change the buying habits of consumers. In addition, public awareness might show a movement that would stop the growers from being economically supported if they were discovered for using child labor. As the statistics are analyzed the results will reveal if public awareness promotes ethical behavior or if the consumer appetite for chocolate outweighs any moral outrage this subject might create.
According to the report findings cocoa has mysterious beginnings with romantic connotations that rival the delicate sweet of the resulting confection. Cocoa is seen from the earliest times in Meso America where the Aztecs left behind jars that have inscriptions that suggest its use and residue that is identified as chocolate. Chocolate was mixed into drinks and gruels, and even still is used in certain sauces for main dishes in the traditions of Mexican cooking. The bean is now used in a variety of ways to enhance and create confections and deserts that illicit the fires of passion and ignite feelings of indulgence and decadence. During the time of Easter, Britons will consume some 86 million chocolate eggs.

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