• “cow-free burgers simulate meat products like chicken and beef


At least 1500 words marketing research paper on Beyond Meat.

APA format. Further instructions are attached.

You actually wrote my first marketing paper this semester and it was really good! This is a continuation of that paper. I’ll attach the one you did previously and an example for this new paper.  

This question was withdrawn because of bad quality and it earned me a suspension

This is to bring to your attention that your account has received a warning for delivering an answer that contains a considerable amount of grammar issues, which includes (but not limited to) the following examples:

• “Cow-Free burger from Beyond Meat is an innovative product that targets the conservationists and animal lovers.” — missing capitalisation (from “burger”) + poor phrasing

• “The product is influenced by changing consumer needs and the efforts towards reducing climate change.” — “influenced” does not really make sense in this particular context

• “Cow-free burgers…” — missing capitalisations

• “…reduce the impact of climate change by eliminating the need for meat farming that is a major contributor to the rise of greenhouse gasses due to its farming practices.” — poor sentence structuring + lack of comma usage

• “The meatless product is a substitute for meat products.” — poor sentence structuring

• “Cow-free burgers simulate meat products like chicken and beef sausages and pork.” — repetitive use of “and”

• “Meatless met can…” — spelling mistake

Please also see the attached grammar lessons. These in-depth guides will show you how to effectively and appropriately use these different aspects of punctuation.

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