Compose a 6000 words essay on Business Process Management. Needs to be plagiaris

Compose a 6000 words essay on Business Process Management. Needs to be plagiarism free!
This essay declares that business process orientation (BOP) enhances performance by sensitising managers to embrace a process view in their businesses. This process has been of a major importance to businesses as it reduces conflicts among workers thus improving relationships in the business environment. The process is also a method that has been introduced in order to replace the hierarchical method that had been used in the early 1980s where the entire subordinate was under one manager as their boss. This past method has now been developed to a cooperative, flat method and which involves more processes
This paper rmakes a conclusion that the Reduction of inventory in companies using the program in addition to cost savings enables these companies to pay for the expenses incurred in the installation of the system by the end of the second financial year. SAP ERP system mostly deals with the assimilation of data and for a company to improve this it has to concentrate in using one kind of merchant that will be used to distribute the elements that are installed in the program for example to human resources. The advantages of SAP ERP system to an organisation include. the system facilitates international integration of information which deals with exchange rates, culture used in different regions and the language. People are in a position of working effectively and thus develop their skills and motivation.

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