Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: What Is Psychology, Why It Is Important In

Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: What Is Psychology, Why It Is Important In Health And Social Care.
This essay stresses that recent research findings document the spread of obesity within friendship networks because of the social transmission of health behaviors related to weights. As such, in order to implement fruitfully traditional interventions of weight reduction, it is proper to focus on strategies that harness peer support in order to modify health related behaviors. The modification of such behaviors would lead to the prevention and massive drop in the spread of morbid obesity amongst peers and adolescents. To sum up psychology gives the health care practitioner an understanding of why people engage in health damaging behavior .This knowledge and understanding also help to establish why service users may adapt unusual behavior whilst in pain or sick. Understanding and being aware of the psychological effect on service users is important to maintain a high level of personnel stated care.
This paper makes a concluison that it is important to first discover the reason behind the health damaging behavior by individuals in order to assist them in overcoming it. For instance, people with morbid obesity suffer this disease due to their poor eating habits, such as overeating or taking in much junk food. As such, with the right knowledge and guidance, they are in a position to overcome these damaging behaviors to their health, such as through development of their self-efficacy, locus of control, as well as, engaging other health behavioral theories.

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