Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Multicultural Film: North Country. This ess

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Multicultural Film: North Country.
This essay analyzes the story of Lois Jenson, who filed the first class action lawsuit for sexual harassment in American history and whose story was demonstrated in the movie. In the film, Theron plays the daughter of an iron miner (Richard Jenkins) working in a mine in Northern Minnesota Mesabi Iron Range. When Josey leaves an abusive husband and moves back to her hometown into her parents’ house, she was not welcomed. Her father assumes, without even interrogating his daughter, that it was her infidelity to her husband that had created the situation. What this shows is the tendency to assume that it’s the woman’s fault in any conflict with men. Such biases were more prevalent in the chronological setting of the film, which covers the last few decades of the 20th century. The researcher then discusses the most interesting scenes of the movie, actors and the history of making of the film. In conclusion, the researcher states that the much more fair and balanced sexual harassment policies that we see in corporations and educational institutions today owe in large part, to Lori Benson’s determination to put an end to some of the most shameful sexual harassment ever described in print and then presented on the cinema screens. The idea that sexual harassment could be viewed as a violation of a woman’s civil rights and her ability to earn a living was very slow to catch up with the public. Today, women of the 21st century enjoy their freedom and security due to the perseverance and patience of these women.

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