Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Moliere: Tartuffe. In the play, Cleante rep

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Moliere: Tartuffe.
In the play, Cleante represents the enlightenment which means an illumination through the power of the human mind. As Orgon’s brother-in law, he introduces reason in discussions and contributes in the comfort and security of his household. He is a learned and wise man who uses his intellectual resources in his everyday life, especially in his arguments. The editor introduces him in these terms: “Throughout the play, Cleante speaks in the voice of wisdom, counseling moderation, common sense, and self-control, calling attention to folly” (Lawal 10). He is the first in the family to understand Tartuffe’s real motives and tries in vain to convince Orgon that his guest is a villain. Like a philosopher, he exercises reason at any occasion he may have. In his attempt to make Orgon understand he states: “There is just one insight I would dare to claim: / I know that true and false are not the same (Tar. I.5.27). He tries his best to make his brother in-law see the true nature of Tartuffe. however, he fails to convince Orgon.
Cleante also engages reason honestly and benignly, but not impulsively. His sense of realism, virtue and morality urges him to denounce Tartuffe’s lack of sincerity. He assimilates him to a religious hypocrite taking advantage of Orgon’s hospitality and lack of vision. His commitment and sense of purpose prompt him to keep on conveying his message of truth and sensitize the family about Tartuffe’s hypocrisy. however, his attempts fail to be effective because neither Orgon nor his mother can envision this possibility. As devout Christians, they cannot engage in the thought that somebody from the church may act as a religious hypocrite.

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