Complete 13 page APA formatted essay: An exploration of Feminism in Amma Darko’s

Complete 13 page APA formatted essay: An exploration of Feminism in Amma Darko’s Novel beyond the Horizon.
From this paper, it is clear that Frias has said that Darko in her novel particularly wanted to show the objectification of the bodies of Black women. The reason as to why Darko had made Mara, a young Ghanaian woman, as the protagonist because she wanted to make her readers realize how the Whites treated the Black women and what they thought about the Black women of Africa. Frias has said that in her novel Darko wanted to show that the Blacks were sexually demeaned and the origin of such an attitude was that the explorers, sailors, scientists, and traders had discovered West Africa and Guinea.We have conducted a thorough survey of the existing literature on feminism and on Amma Darko’s novel, “Beyond the Horizon”. As we have carried on our study we have come to understand the various issues which are closely related to the concepts of feminism. Our study has also made us aware of all those facts which bring about the degradation of the woman persona. Taking a cue from such studies we are in a position to say that Darko’s novel has successfully explored the issues of feminism. At the same time we have also considered various literary pieces which have talked about Darko’s novel and with the help of all those it was evident that Darko wanted to bring out to her readers the fact that women are ill treated to a large extent in the society and the main cause of all the sufferings are the males of society is because they utilize the women as commodities to accomplish their intention.

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