Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Sex, gender and advertising. This essay “S

Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Sex, gender and advertising.
This essay “Sex, gender and advertising” outlines the problem of the inequality and sometimes an irrespective image of some gender of an ethnical group in the advertisement. The role of advertising in portraying the sexual aspects is one of an important one since it makes the distinction as to what comes clearly under its jurisdiction and what is not a part of the fragment that we are touching upon. The role played by the human beings in a sexual mode is one of a taboo kind since it invites for a lot of harsh judgment and bitter thoughts start pouring in left, right and center. The racial and sexual stereotypes are removed before a message is deemed to be appropriate for a certain medium, let alone fit for the consumer to understand and seek some sort of change within the purchasing cycle of which he/she has to become a part of. Apart from the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ factors, it is also quite imperative here to state that the number of times the actual message is going to be run on television or radio or the size of the print ad in the newspapers and magazines or the exact placement of the billboard or shop sign in the outdoor medium reflects the favorable or unfavorable response from the people. So the amount of times the message is hit on the consumer’s mind and the heart reflects his or her positive or otherwise feelings about the product, not to forget the persuasion or repulsion towards this product as well. In the former case when the persuasion has taken place, he or she will now move on to the next step of purchasing the product.

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