communication studies

Watch Eli Pariser’s Ted Talk entitled “Beware of Online Filter Bubbles”.(

To analyze and reflect on the following:  “Is Life better in a Bubble”? answer these questions. (at least 3 sentences)

What is your reaction to watching Eli Pariser’s discussion on Filter Bubbles? 

Were you aware of your internet research content being filtered? 

In your opinion, how is “customizing” your research through algorithms on the web a problem for advocates? 

Do you view customization as an internet user as positive, negative or both and why? 

In light of what you learned in this Ted Talk, in what ways can you make sure that you are not receiving content that was “tailor made” for you? 

Will you use different platforms to conduct research to make sure that you are receiving information that presents all sides? 

If so, how will you access this information and how will your researching style change?  

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