Cis 407 week 2 lab 3 exercise 9*****already a++ rated tutorial use as

1.      Create a class named CollegeCourse that includes data fields that hold the

department (for example, ENG), the course number (for example, 101), the credits

(for example, 3), and the fee for the course (for example, $360). All of the fields

are required as arguments to the constructor, except for the fee, which is calculated

at $120 per credit hour. Include a display() method that displays the course

data. Create a subclass named LabCourse that adds $50 to the course fee. Override

the parent class display() method to indicate that the course is a lab course and

to display all the data. Write an application named UseCourse that prompts the

user for course information. If the user enters a class in any of the following

departments, create a LabCourse: BIO, CHM, CIS, or PHY. If the user enters any

other department, create a CollegeCourse that does not include the lab fee.

Then display the course data. Save the files as,,


2.      Write an application named UseInsurance that uses an abstract Insurance class

and Health and Life subclasses to display different types of insurance policies

and the cost per month. The Insurance class contains a String representing the

type of insurance and a double that holds the monthly price. The Insurance class

constructor requires a String argument indicating the type of insurance, but the

Life and Health class constructors require no arguments. The Insurance class

contains a get method for each field; it also contains two abstract methods named

setCost() and display(). The Life class setCost() method sets the monthly fee

to $36, and the Health class sets the monthly fee to $196. Write an application

named UseInsurance that prompts the user for the type of insurance to bedisplayed, and then create the appropriate object. Save the files as,,, and

3.      Create an abstract class called Student. The Student class includes a name and a

Boolean value representing full-time status. Include an abstract method to determine

the tuition, with full-time students paying a flat fee of $2,000 and part-time students

paying $200 per credit hour. Create two subclasses called FullTime and PartTime.

Create an application that demonstrates how to create objects of both subclasses.

Save the files as,,, and

1.      The mean of a list of numbers is its arithmetic average. The median of a list is its

middle value when the values are placed in order. For example, if a list contains

1, 4, 7, 8, and 10, then the mean is 6 and the median is 7. Write an application

that allows you to enter five integers and displays the values, their mean, and

their median. Save the file as

2.      Revise the MeanMedian class so that the user can enter any number of

values up to 20. If the list has an even number of values, the median is the

numeric average of the values in the two middle positions. Save the file as

3.      You wrote a program named MeanMedian that allows a user to enter

five integers and then displays the values, their mean, and their median. Now,

modify the program to throw an exception if an entered value is not an integer.

If an exception is thrown, display an appropriate message and allow the user to

reenter the value. Save the file as

4.      Write an application that displays a series of at least five student ID numbers

(that you have stored in an array) and asks the user to enter a numeric test score

for the student. Create a ScoreException class, and throw a ScoreException

for the class if the user does not enter a valid score (less than or equal to 100).

Catch the ScoreException, and then display an appropriate message. In addition,

store a 0 for the student’s score. At the end of the application, display all the

student IDs and scores. Save the files as and

5.      Create a file that contains your favorite movie quote. Use a text editor such as

Notepad, and save the file as quote.txt. Copy the file contents, and paste them into

a word-processing program such as Word. Save the file as quote.docx. Write an

application that displays the sizes of the two files as well as the ratio of their sizes to

each other. Save the file as

1)      Create a program that accepts a series of employee ID numbers, first names, and

last names from the keyboard and saves the data to a file. Save the program as When you execute the program, be sure to enter

multiple records that have the same first name because you will search for

repeated first names in part d of this exercise.

2)      Write an application that reads the file created by the WriteEmployeeList

application and displays the records. Save the file as


3)      Write an application that extends JFrame and that displays a phrase in every font

size from 6 through 20. Save the file as

4)      Write an application that extends JFrame and that displays a phrase upside down

when the user clicks a button. The phrase is displayed normally when the user

clicks the button again. Save the application as