Case Study Are they socially responsible or not? More and more companies today a

Case Study
Are they socially responsible or not?
More and more companies today are making an effort to be socially responsible.  While some truly hit a home run others are missing the mark greatly.  Even those in questionable industries may have a side that is considered socially responsible.  Your task is to do an analysis of the following industries to determine if you conclude if they are indeed socially responsible or not.  Does the good outweigh the bad?
Research 3 of the following industries and evaluate their actions to be socially responsible.  Identify some companies in the industry, summarize their corporate activities and then explain their actions, good or bad, at being socially responsible.  Conclude if you believe they are socially responsible or not—why or why not.
Select 3 of the following industries for your research:
Food and Beverage Industry
Clothing Industry
Chemical Industry
Drug Industry
Petroleum Industry
Your submission will have much more detail than this but to show the areas to be included in your analysis:
Tobacco Industry:
Company: Phillip Morris
Corporate Activities: Manufacturer of tobacco products such as Marlboro
Social Responsibility: Producer of cancer causing tobacco products, participates in anti-smoking campaigns but spend millions of dollars on research to reduce the harmful effects of their products and are creating possibly more benign alternatives such as e-cigarettes.
Conclusions: After researching….I conclude…
Submit as a word doc in roughly 4 pages double spaced.

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