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Students must complete a self-analysis on the following topics: Environment, Dress and Appearance, Eyes and Facial Expression, Kinesics, and Touch. Each topic should have its down sub-heading. You should cover these topics one at a time covering both what the text says about the section and then applying that material to what you do specifically. You need to accurately apply the research in nonverbal to yourself giving attention the context in which these behaviors occur. Finally make some conclusions about your behavior including which behaviors you should change and which behaviors you should maintain. You may indicate that some behaviors are not necessarily to your advantage, but you will continue those behaviors because . . . . Make sure you consider the rubric before writing the assignment.

The Paper should have the follow subheadings


Dress and Appearance

Eyes and Facial Expression




Please address every area of the grading rubric so that you do the best job on your paper.

Critical Thinking Rubric


Excellent (3)

Acceptable (2)`

Unacceptable (1)


Explanation   of issues

Nonverbal   Literature

The student thoroughly explains what the text   and the lecture said about each of the five areas of nonverbal communication.

The student adequately explains what the lecture   and the text said about at least four of the five areas. 

The nonverbal literature (classroom and   textbook) were not adequately used to explain at least four of the course   areas.



Selecting and using information to investigate   a point of view or conclusion

Student selected excellent examples to help   him analyze his own nonverbal behaviors for each of these sections.

Student selected acceptable examples for four   out of five of the areas.

Student has fewer than   four acceptable examples.


Influence   of context and assumptions

Student incorporates a thorough discussion of   the context of these behaviors differentiating between what he might do at   work and what he might do in a more social setting in each of the five   settings.

Student gives some   explanation of the context of these behaviors in four out of five of the   sections.

Student has little explanation of the context   in most of the areas.


Student’s   position (perspective, thesis/hypothesis)

Students may an accurate application of the   material in all of the 5 sections.

Most of the student applications were   accurate.

The student had trouble accurately applying   the material to himself.


Conclusions   and related outcomes (implications and consequences)

Student thoroughly discusses which behaviors   will be continued and which ones will be changed. Student may indicate that he will not   change a behavior which has a negative reaction as long as he explains why.

Student explains which behaviors will be   changed and which behaviors will remain the same.

Student has little understanding of how this   material might affect his future nonverbal choices.