Big Data Strategy Proposal

You are required to develop a proposal for senior management of a selected organisation to implement a Big
Data strategy (selected organisations you can choose from are attached) designed to meet a specific business
priority. Your proposal should
include recommendations of Big Data technologies and suggest analytics plus and end-user
application. You should justify your recommendations and include a high-level architecture diagram
to show how the proposed technologies would fit together.
Assume that the audience know little about Big Data, but they want to make better use of their data
which is why you have been invited to submit a proposal. However, your proposal is not just a sales
pitch – you must demonstrate that you know what you are talking about, back up your arguments
with evidence and communicate your ideas effectively.
Please use the word template provided to complete the assessment.
Please follow the marking criteria on the final page of the pdf.
Use the referencing guide from : You should use the Harvard UniSA referencing

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