Barbara Halifax Wrote Her Boss That She Was Still Considering

Barbara Halifax wrote her boss that she was still considering many potential approaches to the customer support system development project. She is still completing the project planning phase, so not much time has passed at this point. Consider the training required for the development staff if RMO decides to use an object-oriented approach for the project. How extensive would the training need be for the RMO staff? What type of training would be required? Is it just about new programming languages, or is it broader than that? How far can the project progress before the decision is made? Barbara mentions that either approach can be used and that, even though some Web development is involved, the team does not have to use an OO approach. Do you think she is correct? Why or why not? Do some types of projects require an OO approach? Barbara also mentions that she plans to use some iteration and to involve users extensively throughout the project. What life cycle variations are under consideration? What else might she do to speed up the development process? What else might she consider adapting from the United Process, from Extreme Programming, or from Scrum?

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