Balloon Whose Volume Is 750 M3 Is To Be

A filled with hydrogen at atmospheric pressure (1.01 X l05 Pa).
(a) If the hydrogen is stored in cylinders with volumes of 1.90 m3 at a gauge pressure of 1.20 X 106 Pa, how many cylinders are required? Assume that the temperature of the hydrogen remains constant.
(b) What is the total weight (in addition to the weight of the gas) that can be supported by the balloon if the gas in the balloon and the surrounding air are both at 15.0oC? The molar mass of hydrogen (H2) is 2.02 g/mol. The density of air at 15.0oC and atmospheric pressure is 1.23 kg/m3. See Chapter 14 for a discussion of buoyancy.
(c) What weight could be supported if the balloon were filled with helium (molar mass 4.00 g/mol) instead of hydrogen, again at 15.0oC?

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