Autovalve Was An Example In This Chapter Of An Organization

Auto-Valve was an example in this chapter of an organization that used a simple spreadsheet to determine which skills were most critical and should be taught to employees first. Using the general spreadsheet approach, how could you determine which training topics should be covered? For the rows on the spreadsheet, list the potential training topics (for example, technical skills, soft skills, ethics), for the columns, generate your criteria. For example, one criterion could be strategic importance and another could be operational importance (getting the job done each day).
a. How could you use this matrix to determine which training options should be offered and which ones should not?
b. Identify additional criteria. Should the criteria receive different weights? Describe how you could do that and why it might be useful.
c. Consider your criteria from both short-term and long-term perspectives; that is, which criteria might be most important over the short term, maybe a year or less. Which ones are more important over the longer term? Would you weight the criteria differently based on these two perspectives?

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