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School: Engineering, Design & ConstructionQualification: Bachelor of Engineering Technology Unit of competency: BET403 Cost EngineeringWHAT IS REQUIRED IN THIS REPORT?This report is in two (2) parts.PART 1: PLANNING AND PREPARATIONIn this part you will prepare a memorandum to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your company giving an estimate (budget) and work schedule for your team to produce a report for the CEO to submit to the company Board meeting in July, 2019.Please refer to detailed requirements below. PART 2: RESEARCH AND REPORTIn this part you will research and examine two projects (buildings) for the type of work for which the CEO considers your company should become involved.You should choose projects that relate to the field of study for which you are enrolled.The circumstancesYou are employed by a company in Australia and the CEO has decided that the company should extend its activities into a new area of business.For the purposes of this report you are to choose two projects of the same type from a topic related to the course that you are doing.Important pointsPoints to be taken into account when choosing project types:1. The type of project that you choose must be agreed with lecturer before you commence the report. There will be a limit to the number of students who will be permitted to choose the same topic. So get your requests in early!2. Read carefully through all of this report and do some preliminary research before you choose a topic. To enable you to meet the requirements of this report you must make sure that there is sufficient information available on the topic that you want to select. If not, you need to choose another topic for which you can find more information.3. If too many students choose the same projects those who ask first will be accepted and the others will need to find alternative projects. So be early!Page 1 of 5School: Engineering, Design & ConstructionQualification: Bachelor of Engineering Technology Unit of competency: BET403 Cost EngineeringSOME SUGGESTIONS FOR SUITABLE PROJECTS TOPICS· Residential building (house, double story house, unit, etc.)· Commercial buildings· Mid-rise buildings· High Rise buildings· Other project types as may be agreed with the lecturer.REPORT ON NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIESThe CEO has instructed you to prepare a detailed report to evaluate new business opportunities for projects in Australia. When the CEO has reviewed your report and agrees with its content it will be presented to the company Board of Directors with recommendations to them to invest in this new venture.PROJECT DETAILSYour task is in two parts, as detailed here:Part 1: Memorandum to CEO – Planning and PreparationThis phase of the task is in the form of a memorandum to the CEO detailing the budget you have prepared and the planning schedule and staffing requirements for the project team to achieve the results in the timeframe specified here.This memorandum is from you to the CEO (who’s name is Peter D. STIRLING) outlining your approach to the task and requesting approval to proceed:· Report to be completed within 6 months (as required by the CEO)· Start date 14th January 2019· Report to Board meeting on Wednesday 15th July, 2019.· Regular progress reports to CEO (at least monthly intervals).For this you need to:a) Establish a budget estimate on an ‘Excel’ spreadsheet for yourself and project team involved in report preparation.b) Plan and schedule activities and resources to complete the report in the time allocated. Schedule to be prepared using ‘Microsoft Project software or Excel.c) Show organizational chart of team assembled to prepare report:o Your role as the team leadero Relationship to CEOo The roles of other participants (staff members)The staffs (workers) are listed on the table below:Page 2 of 5School: Engineering, Design & ConstructionQualification: Bachelor of Engineering Technology Unit of competency: BET403 Cost EngineeringPart 1-1 Memorandum Preparation: Additional information for this itema) Establish a budget estimate on an ‘Excel’ spreadsheet:b) An hourly cost rate for each of the individuals assigned to the report preparation is to be used as the basis for the estimate.c) Refer to table below for list of staff and resources on the team.Description Position time assignedYour NameNameNameNameNameNameName Percentage ofAnnual SalaryTeam Co-ordinatorPersonal Assistance to CEOSchedulerPlanning EngineerEstimatorEstimatorClerical SupportPart 1-2 Scheduling the WorkDraw up a schedule to plan your preparation of the report, using the following information: a) Planning the Report PreparationThe report is to be completed at least two weeks before the July Board Meeting.The team activities required to prepare the report are listed below and in the expected sequence. You are to include a time and budget for site visits to each of the two projects you have chosen to examine.You are to prepare a Gan…

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