[Authentic] Research Aims and Objectives 3

Table of Contents
1. Introduction​3
2. Research Aims and Objectives​3
3. Structure of the Project​4
4. Literature Review​4
4.1 Conceptual Framework​4
4.2 Interpreting value of a Brand​5
4.3 Benefits of Brand Value​5
4.4 Approaches of Brand value​5
4.5 Measuring the Brand Value​6
4.6 Brand Value Chain​6
4.7 Literature Gap​7
5. Research Methods​7
6. Expected Outcome​8
7. Gantt Chart​9
Appendix1: Brand Value Chain​11
1. Introduction
A brand is the asset of a business that is intangible but possesses most of the power. Brand Value is the entire value of the brand which adds a price to the product and sells in the market as commodity. In this report a proposal will be developed regarding the brand value of mobile phones. This report will also look into the benefits in revenue rate of brand value using innovative techniques and the types of brand value. Researching the methods of brand value will also be defined in this report.
2. Research Aims and Objectives
The aim of this research is to, “Stress on the approach of the consumer regarding the brand value of the mobile phones regarding their affordability”.
Research Objectives:
● To look at the revenue of the company manufacturing mobile phones.
● To explore that whether the cheap mobile phones helps in increasing revenue.
● To examine brand value of the cheap mobile phone with the application of innovative techniques.
Research Questions:
● Would the revenue rate of an organisation increase sufficiently if cheap mobile phones with new features are launched in the market?

3. Structure of the Project
Figure 1: Project Structure
4. Literature Review
4.1 Conceptual Framework
Measuring the Brand Value though use of technology.
Defining the types of brand value.
Revenue rate and Brand Value Chain.
Benefits of Brand Value.
Interpreting value of a brand.
Figure 2: Conceptual Framework.
(Source: Chen, Chen & Lin, 2016).
4.2 Interpreting value of a Brand
Brand value has different kinds of interpretation according to the condition. Still it has been taken into consideration that what amount has been developed for the business over the replacement. As opined by Biraghi & Gambetti (2017), the brand value of a product that is manufactured by the company defined on the reputation of the organisation. Looking at the present condition of market then it is of vivid that branding has been developed as the strategy taken by the organisations. Brand value helps in building the brand which has been taken into parts of modifying the balance sheet. In order to determine the value of brand it is of need to make an estimation of the brand’s worth in market.
4.3 Benefits of Brand Value
Among the different advantages and benefits of brand value it has been found that:
● Brand value of a product helps in the recognition of the brand among the public. Customers if are not recognised to the brand then the brand will not make a good run in the market.
● In the present day there are several brands out in the market, and these are into competition. Among the different brands that are available in the market only few of the brands has managed to develop their competitive edge over the others.
● Among the different products that are present in the market only few of the products have loyalty of the customers. As stated by Chen, Chen & Lin, 2016, among the different products that are present in the market customers are free to choose one of the products according to their requirement. Therefore, it is of need to develop customer loyalty so that they do not shift to other products.
4.4 Approaches of Brand value
Brand value helps in estimating the role of the brand in business. In a product market the business value is predicted based on the discounting earnings of the future. Another approach that has been found is observing the investments of the brand equity and in technology. This approach helps in developing the fact that whether the investment helps in increasing the return of stocks or not and will increase the revenue. The third approach is to make a reflection on the valuable brands. This helps in defining the power that has created colossal value for the brand. The last approach is to look for the conceptual model of the business strategy. This helps in defining the fact of the brand’s strategic role for the development of business.
4.5 Measuring the Brand Value
A brand is an intangible product of an organisation and it really becomes tough to understand the value that it brings for the organisation. According to Filieri Chen & LalDey, 2017, strong brands that are present in almost every parts of the world carry a great deal of the value. Among the various methods that have…

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