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NIT6130 Assignment 2 – Proposal, Literature Review, Research MethodSubmission InstructionsDocument format: Please submit your assignment as a word document (.docx) not a pdf.Submission: Submit in the drop box provided in VU Collaborate.Due date: Refer to drop box.Assignment TemplateFollow the template and steps below to complete your literature review and research method proposal. Remove any instructions provided, and replace them with the information required.Title of the project (A tentative title of selected research)Name, Student ID1. Abstract (Total 3 marks)- Summary of the knowledge gap: problems of the existing research- Aim of the research, summary of what this project is to achieve- Summary of the approach or methodology and innovation- Summary of the expected outcomes and significanceThe above four points need to be clearly stated, each have at least 2 sentences. The approach/method part needs to have minimum 4 sentences.2. Introduction (Total 3 marks)An overview of the existing research relating to the proposed research. You must summarise how the proposed research enhance existing research, based on your knowledge obtained from broad scan and focused reading.Broad Scan moves to Appendix 13. Related work (Total 12 marks)- Select one type of the research methods (qualitative, quantitative, new product/technology)- Select one of the existing research articles which applied the selected research method- If the article was not one of the focused reading articles in the assignment 1, a focused reading needs to be conducted for it; otherwise, existing focused reading needs to be improved according to the feedback received for the first assignment.- Include the focused reading of the article here, with answers to the following questionso What did the authors do (key contributions)o Why did the authors conduct the research (existing problems)o What are the key differences in the method/approach (innovation)o What are main achievements, significanceo What can be further improvedo Research problem identified (to be reflected in section 4 Proposed Research)Note:- Each of the above questions needs to be covered with one paragraph; each paragraph contains minimum 4 sentences.- Strengthen the assignment 1 literature review with review of the research methods and propose the method for your research. Provide a summary overview on what related works have been done and what has not been done.- Include the research works discussed in your reference list and cite as required. Follow one of the citation/reference styles in Week 4 lecture notes.- Example improvements can beo better way to collect datao better way to provide feedbacko Combining new technology (eg. chatbots) with other new technology (eg. IoT, Blockchain)/combining products to form a new product/apply new technology to improve an existing product4. Proposed Research (give a title) (Total 18 marks)4.1 Problem statement: clearly define the problem identified in section 3. (1 mark)4.2 Aim of the research: what to be achieved; elaborate on the objectives in details. (2 marks)4.3 Expected outcomes and significance: Eg. How would your method will improve the existing methods; list the key benefits (2 marks)4.4 Method and innovation:- Architecture or structure diagram of your proposed method (2 marks)- Any other implementation design (eg. flow charts, database design) (2 marks)- Preliminary study/proof of implementation (9 marks)o Description of typical scenarios (minimum 2)o eg. Use any programming outputs.o Highlight the expected improvement in the outputs produced.o Screenshots of the preliminary study/programming output.5. Conclusion (Total 2 marks)What has been proposed, what has been done, what improvement has been achieved, what understanding has been gained from the preliminary study, what can be further improved?6. References (Total 3 marks – referencing)Follow one of the reference styles in Week 4 lecture notes.7 Appendix (Total 2 marks)Appendix A. Literature Review – Broad Scan and Reading (minimum 3 rounds)Round 1- What research interests lead you to the choice of initial keywords?- List keywords, source/research database, number of results returned- List out result: search results list presented in table format (first 20+, with NO detailed abstracts, Highlight the articles selected for detailed/focused reading)Title, author, year, journal/conference title- Review & Summary (a paragraph of 6 -10 lines)What was your opinion after going through the initial search results list?What considerations led to the new set of keywords?- List out the new keywords derived.- Provide details of the articles/work identified-Title, author, year, journal/conference title, abstractThese are the most relevant articles you find in round 1 search result list. Read these articles under focused reading. Present details of the articles in table format.- Appendix (need to be conducted in round 1 broad scan but …

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