[Authentic] Learning in Workplaces

TEL 431: Learning in Workplaces
L5 Activity
Experiential Learning
Construct: Situated Learning & Community of Practice
Date: April 12, 2019
Your Assigned Facilitator:
NOTE: Please bold all your responses so nothing is missed when your work is assessed.
You have learned about the theory of situated learning, and have discussed some common models for situated learning in your small group discussions.
This activity pertains to your future target job, by applying situated learning principles.
First paragraph: Define situated learning
Second paragraph: Select one of the models that make use of the theory and use scholarly resources to define it. (Andragogy,
Apprenticeships, Service Learning, Internships, Trajectories, Coaching, Communities of practice,
Third paragraph: Explain how you might use this model to support your professional development.
You should include 4 or more in-text citations from readings provided as well as resources you find related to the models. Add these sources to the reference list below.
(300-400 words)
(12 pts):
My word count:
How could situated learning models help you meet the 21st century competencies, be more prepared for your future target job, and be a more qualified and cutting-edge professional as you search for a job?
(Review the 21st century competencies at http://bit.ly/O6rVKy )
(100-125 words)
(5 pts):
My word count:
Here is an example goal from my life: As an expert in teaching with technology, I would like to be more supportive and resourceful to other faculty…as a leader and a role model. I am interested in addressing this leadership goal because I have had instructors from bioscience at ASU ask me to help them improve their teaching, and that situation made me feel that I have not been visible enough in some of the ways I use technology in my teaching. I think this goal will help me expand my ability to support the use of technology in teaching and learning from my current PreK-12 focus to a broader range, PreK-20.
What area of your future target job do you feel most inadequate? Explain the situation. (75-100 words)
(3 pts):
The area in which I feel most inadequate in my current job is to obtain as much knowledge from upper management and filter down as much information to staff that I manage.  Being able to provide leadership in a way that allows my staff to feel as if they have learned something from me while working together.  Although I have been in the business for over 19 years things in my industry change over time.  Being able to stay current and also being able to share these new visions with my staff is where I struggle.
My word count: 96
Situated learning will probably not address this goal in its entirety, but can support you addressing this goal in some ways. In what way(s) can your involvement in situated learning support your development in this area?  (150-200 words)
(7 pts):
My word count:
Explain why you think it is appropriate for you to address this goal using a situated learning approach. What models of situated learning will be useful and why? Specifically, how do you envision these models being used? Include in-text citations to reference at least 2 sources. Add these references to the Reference list below. (175-200 words)
(8 pts):
My word count:
Create a process that will lead to you attaining your goal. Your plan must utilize one or more situated learning models brought up in the discussion board activity. Include at least 3 activities that will lead to your success.
(15 pts, 5 points for each well-written activity)
Goal Summary:
Activities you will participate in that will lead to the attainment of this goal. (Describe in detail.)
Situated Learning model utilized (Andragogy, Apprenticeships, Service learning, Internships, Trajectories, Coaching, Communities of practice shadowing)
People or communities I will collaborate with for this activity*
“Tools” and resources that might be helpful (e.g., social networks, books, technology tools, etc).
Prove a Coaching Seminar for my office staff that which will identify how to get a day of Managerial Responsibilities.
This would be a collaborative effort with other managers in our department.  Provide an understanding
*Think broadly about collaboration. Remember that through social networking, collaboration can take place at a distance.
An entrepreneurial network, according to Higgins and Kram, is a “…

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