[Authentic] give me the rate for all your assessments

my assignment is only an 8 minutes presentation are you able to give me the rate for all your assessments please

just the readings related to the assessment that i need to include

if you can go on youtube and type in the assessment task you might see some of the previous students assessments online . i just want to have a presentation in any of those form of presentation instead. no other specification

Assessment 1 (Digital 1)
Identify, justify and plan a digital and collaborative learning innovation applied to a specific area of your practice.
Individual Submission
Video presentation of 6-8 minutes in duration. Failure to adhere to length requirements will result in grade penalties in the presentation category. Excessively long submissions will be returned for editing.
I am a language teacher and a learner of the English language as well. I would like to look at writing in my year 11 language class. This particular class has about half of the class who cannot write in the learning language for the following reasons:
1. they were born outside of the country
2. one of the parents is not from the country
3. they are full blooded of the specific country of their language learning but it is not encouraged at home
4. some of them from their home country had very poor skills of reading and writing.

How am I helping these students to achieve in their writing assessment?
– collaborate on google classroom
– all assessments and work on google classroom
– students share their work with the teacher and teacher to check their work and inform them of what to do next to improve their writing
– teacher prepare a SOLO taxonomy template with sentence starters in English and translated into the language to make it easier for learners of the language to write.

in the past all writing was done on papers but now we have to follow the school’s initiative of using digital technology in class.

i need to include at least 3 readings with this presentation but i havent selected that.

Deadline: 16th May 2019, 11:00 A.M.

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