[Authentic] Corporate accountabilility

The lecturer told us that your assignment topic is Corporateaccountablility. This topic has 2 lectures, the slides and notes are attached with the name of lecture 6 and lecture7.
What we need to do in this assignment is “Analysis of an accounting issue”
We are actually 3 members in this group, so we need to divide the work. We develop the one page framework which covers the 4 main questions of the research according to the lectures of corporate accountability.
1 member is going to write introduction, abstract and conclusion and the question no. 4 of these 4 questions. So we(2 members) needs to do 1st 3 questions.
I am going to attach unit plan with shows assignment instructions. This is assignment 2 so you need to look the instructions under assignment 2 which is 30%. I am also attaching corporate accountability lectures, research help slides, one page framework which shows 4 questions of the research which we already develop. And the introduction as well as one member already write introduction.
By looking at these 4 questions you can tell me or decide which questions are easy for you or me to write. Its probably 1st and 3rd or the 2nd only. Cuz the 2nd is bigger as compared to 1st and 3rd.

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