[Authentic] BSBHRM506 Manage recruitment selection

BSBHRM506 Manage recruitment selection and induction processes
Assessment Task-01
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In this task you are required to write answer of the following questions. Each question’s answer should contain approximately 250 words.
Question 1
Describe the concept of ‘outsourcing’ in regard to recruitment and selection. Explain why an organization may choose this method and what are some of the associated benefits with this approach are.
Question 2
What type of employment contracts can be used when recruiting staff? Why would an organization use different contracts for some staff?
Question 3
Explain what the term ‘industrial relations’ means. In Australia who is responsible for the management of industrial relations?
Question 4
Organizations sometimes use an ‘assessment centre’ when recruiting staff.
Describe what an assessment center is.
Explain what they do.
Discuss why this approach may be superior to traditional types of recruiting.
Question 5
Who with an organization would provide an employee with information about their employment ‘salary, terms and conditions’? If this did not happen, where could an employee find out this information?
Question 6
Discuss the difference between ‘pychometric’ and ‘skills’ testing. Who would carry out these types of tests and why are they necessary in the recruitment process?
Question 7
Discuss why ‘diversity’ is important in the workplace. What potential problems can arise in a workplace with a high degree of diversity?
Question 8
Sometimes ‘specialists’ need to be engaged to assist with the recruitment process. What role do they play in ensuring the right person is recruited for the role.?
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