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Details: Date
Source or providerdetails
Action plan
Type of activity
Descriptionof topic(s)covered duringactivityand outcome
Reflectionon activityand specificationtopractice
No./Title/Description of evidenceprovided
CPD hours



RN competency standard
Practises in accordance with legislation affecting nursing practice and health care.
1.2 Clarify responsibility for aspects of care with other members of the health team.
Unsure of my delegation responsibilities in the workplace.
Plan: Access and review decision making framework

Self-directed learning.
Review of decision making framework from the NMBA website:http://bit.ly/2VpVLyg. gov.au/Codes-Guidelines- Statements/Codes- Guidelines.aspx

Reviewed my scope of practice and the scope of practice for my profession. Understood the principles I need to apply when making decisions about my nursing practice and when and how I decide to delegate activities to other registered nurses and enrolled nurses.

This activity has enabled me to achieve my learning need as per my learning plan. As a team leader working in intensive care I will be able to apply the Nursing decision making framework when I allocate staff to patient care and delegate tasks as they arise during a shift.

Refer to item 6

2 hours


Advanced Life Support in practice (XYZ provider)




Advanced Life Support reaccreditation
This activity provided me with new theory and a practical competence assessment in relation to advanced life support. I will be able to apply this to patients in respiratory/cardiac arrest and when part of the medical emergency team.

Refer to item 7
Certificate of Attendance

3 hours

Obstetric emergency training (XYZ provider)




Obstetric emergency reaccreditation
This activity provided me with new theory and a practical competence assessment in obstetric emergencies.

Refer to item 8

3 hours

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