[Authentic] Assignment – Research Report Presentation Evaluation

Details: COMM 3020 Research Report Presentation Evaluation
Name(s): __________________________________ Topic:  _____________________________________
Presentation started with problem/background/context
Gave all recommendations and details on chosen ones
Sufficient research/points provided to prove recommendations                                                          /5
Visual aid incorporated (Power Point)
Questions/discussion handled well
Introduction, Body, Conclusion evident
Points flowed logically, persuasively                                                                                                        /2
Visual aids used effectively and appropriately with no errors
Time limit met without being significantly under time
Presentation did not seem rushed or unprepared
Presentation Style:
Maintained eye contact with audience
Avoided reading from notes                                                                                                                       /2
Maintained professional demeanor (no fidgeting, appropriate language used, etc.)
Demonstrated enthusiasm, varied tone, gestures, movement acceptable
Used voice loud and clear enough to hear and understand at back of room
Overall Effectiveness:
Presentation was effective (persuasive and professional) overall                                                              /1
Total:                     / 10

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