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Table of Contents
Introduction. 3
Overview of the project. 3
Demand for project and projected benefits to the stakeholders. 3
Anticipated impacts on environment and mitigation measures. 3
Environmental impact that has been overlooked during the project. 5
Scope of improvement in project execution. 5
Leadership lessons learnt from project. 6
Conclusion. 6
Reference List. 7
GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited has been incorporated on 17th December, 2002 for building, financing and designating and maintaining Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. GHIAL has also signed Concession Agreement with that of Ministry of Civil Aviation for 30 years (GMR Group: Rajiv Gandhi Hyderabad International Airport, 2019). GMR Group manages and operates this airport and during the construction project several efforts have been taken for protecting stakeholders. These efforts are discussed along with the discussion of environmental impact and possible challenges along with the mitigation strategies have been discussed.
Overview of the project
GMR Group is considered as one of the fastest growing infrastructure companies in country with the interests in energy, highways, airports and urban infrastructure. GMR Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Limited  or GHIAL is the joint venture being promoted by that of GMR Group (63%) with MAHB or Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad, the Airports Authority of India (13%) as other partners of consortium (GMR begins work on Hyderabad airport expansion, 2019).
Demand for project and projected benefits to the stakeholders
In 2003 September, members of GHIAL have signed the shareholder’s agreement along with the agreement for that of state subsidy over 400 crore INR. Concession agreement between the Central Government and GHIAL  is signed in the year 2004 December, stipulating the fact that no airport is going to be operated within 150 kilometer radius of that of RGIA. Based on the triple bottom line of sustainability, this project has considered performing its services towards environment, finance and community (Rajiv Gandhi (Hyderabad) International Airport, Andhra Pradesh – Airport Technology, 2019). It has considered reducing its impact of greenhouse emission in the environment, providing more job opportunities to the community and creating numbers of opportunities for profitability of the stakeholders.
Anticipated impacts on environment and mitigation measures
Potential impact on environment because of the proposed airport project has been assessed and these comprise of noise, air quality, ecology, socio-economics and solid waste. Data analysis and modelling have indicated that anticipated impacts are quite minimal and remain within the prescribed standards and norms.
Potential issues or impacts
Mitigate measures
Air quality
More amount of NOx and dust concentration
Sprinkling water in the area of construction along with paving of the unpaved roads
More likely, the impact is for short duration and bounded within the construction site
Water quality
Development in the suspended solids because of run-off of soil because of heavy rainfall
Temporary pond sedimentation can be built
Solid waste
Production of the domestic sewage
Appropriate care must be taken in maintaining areas and segregating wastes in clean and pest free state
Having proper disposal method
Noise levels
Development in noise level
Equipment should be kept in proper state for keeping the noise level within that of 90 DB(A)
Protective equipment are going to be provided to workers like ear muffs, ear plug
Terrestrial ecology
No vegetation clearance is involved
Plantation should be strengthened with project construction (Rajiv Gandhi International Airport – News & Events, 2019)
Area being the aviation zone, consequence on the terrestrial fauna is going to be negligible.
Environmental impact that has been overlooked during the project
Expert Appraisal Committee under that of Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Forest has given the permission for the proposal of GNR group for expansion plan of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. During the project it has been found that environmental clearance is necessary in order to execute expansion project of the environment. Based on the minutes of meeting of EAC seen by Mint, organization has admitted in front of EAX that the proposed project of airport expansion is bound to have several environmental consequences yet these can be minimized effectively through the judicious implementation of that of the environmental management plan….

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