[Authentic] Assignment – Cultural safety action plan

Details: Assessment 2: Cultural safety action plan
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Assessment two
Value                     30 %
Due date:             Monday: 12 Midnight (ACST Time) Week 9
Length:                 1000 to 1500  words (excluding references)
The purpose of this assessment is to assist the student to develop a plan that will enable them to become a culturally safe health professional. The student is expected to build on the knowledge developed in assessment one and implement cultural safety into practice
There are two parts to this assessment:
Part one is a Cultural safety  Action Plan
Part two is a Written Rationale that underpins the reason for a personal action plan
Part one
You are required to develop a personal action plan outlining how you would implement the principles of cultural safety into your chosen health profession. Your action plan  should include the following:
Resources or additional training required
Anticipated barriers and strategies for overcoming those barriers
Method of Evaluation (reflection)
(Approx. word limit: 500 words)
Part two
Write a rationale that includes the following:
The need for such a plan
How the plan will be implemented
What resources you might need to implement your plan
How your identified strategies will overcome any barriers/challenges
How you intend to complete both a progress evaluation (tracking whether your plan is working) and an outcome evaluation, discuss how you will complete a final evaluation to determine whether your plan worked.
You must support your plan with referenced literature
Part two of you plan should be approx. word limit 1000 words
Submit your assessment as one document via Learnline. Submit as a Microsoft Word (doc or docx) format and not PDF or other format. The file name should be Family name, first name, student number, HSC 230 Assessment 1, 2 or 3 , the font and font size must be Verdana or Arial 12 and line spacing 1.5. All references must be cited according to APA version 6.It is recommended that you use at least 6 peer reviewed articles
You must use at least one reference from the module one and/or two reading list

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