[Authentic] Assignment – Assessment 3 Marketing plan

Details: Assessment 3: Marketing plan [45 marks]
Ebook is attached.
Graduates should be able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the business-marketing planning process.
Learning objective: To ensure that students study and understand how the marketing concept, a marketing philosophy, the 3 mega-marketing concepts, the 9 objectives of a marketing practitioners will assist marketing practitioners during the business-marketing planning process and in particular the design and development of a marketing plan.
Task: An assessment scenario is outlined in the Activity: the Italian restaurant renaissance. Students will be asked to consider the assessment scenario and complete the task instructions. Like all assessments the task instructions relate to the learning objectives of the assessment and the learning outcomes of the unit [sections 1,2, & 3], however, it should be noted that section 3 module – positioning is critical.
Keep in mind that 80% of the word count should be devoted to the language and concepts of the unit and 20% to discussing the scenario.
There will be an 6 page limit [3600 words approx.] images/diagrams may be included. Formatting recommendations and other instructione will be available in the Assessments > Assessments 3 folder.
Please note: As this is assessment is worth 45 marks a considerable effort is required, students should allocate, the customary, 1 hour per mark.
Normal font style is Arial 11, and single-spaced is preferred, 6 points between paragraphs is recommended. Bold, colour, and/or text boxes may be employed to emphasis key points.
Headings should be Arial 14. The title should be Arial 16 colour may be used for headings and titles.
The document should include a page footer – with your name and student number, the page number, and article title [from left to right].
As this is a marketing unit, quality is expected, furthermore, the instructions suggest that the style should in a magazine format.
Further details and Q&A will appear below this message closer to the event
Please note in the interest of fairness all student questions regarding this assessment will be answered to all students. There are exceptions, if a question is of a private nature or contains the intellectual property of a student then individual  email answers will be provided. 
Dear all, thanks to everyone who attended the first Q&A session for assessment 3.
After reading the assessment instructions – we discussed a few things.
The activity is designed to provide ‘context’ it is not a case study – with financial data or one right answer. The context provides parameters to enable students to demonstrate their learning of the unit material – to select what is relevant and to exclude what is not relevant. 
The activity highlights that some organisations may not have a formal business-marketing planning process – you should elaborate on this
[page 197 e-book details conducting a marketing audit]
Within the activity there are different options that students may take in their assessment – but there is freedom to develop the direction. No one right answer is hinted at [other than the need for planning].
A formal academic essay style is not required – a magazine style is suggested. Imagine you are doing an article for a business magazine. You take on the role of a marketing consultant and discuss the lessons [remember there is a lot of good] in this activity. You will need to provide the backstory [20%] but ensure that 80% of your text relates to the theory. 
BTW: One of the characters, Neil, appears in other activities these are located at the bottom of the activities page and may be worth reading, one of the activities provides more details on the CADDIE process and Neil’s thoughts.

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