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Details: Annotated Bibliography – Practice Worksheet
Fill in the following table using the questions as prompts. When you are finished you have all the information you need for an annotation. All you then have to do is connect all this information together into good paragraph for your annotated bibliography.
Details required in annotation
Research Article
Full Reference Details (Chicago)

What was the aim of the research?
The aim (or purpose) of the research was to…
How did the researchers/authors conduct the research?
What did the authors do?
Was the research Qualitative or Quantitative or Mixed Methods?What research instrument/s did the researchers use Interviews, face-to-face survey, observation, online survey…
Who were the participants in the research?
Who were the participant’s? Were they students, academics (aka lecturers; professors), business managers, employees, employers of graduates?How many participants were there?
Was a sample used?
Did the researchers use a sample?How did the researchers/authors obtain their sample?How many potential participants did they identify?How many participants actually took part?What was the response rate?
What were the main findings or results of the research study?
Main finding 1:Main finding 2:Main finding 3:Main finding 4:
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the paper (Critique)?
Consider research methods, number of participants, type of participants, geography, participants…
Strengths of the research are:
Weaknesses of the research are:
What did the researchers conclude?

Does this article help answer the research question? If so how does it help answer the question?

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